Changchun Urban Design

Changchun, CN

  • Site area: 368.000 m²
  • Floor space: 260.000 m²
  • Floor area ratio: 0,71
  • Units: Water park, Snow World, Sauna, Exhibition, Education, catering

Initial situation – particular feature

This requires for an urban design concept based on reducing the number of buildings, distance to nature reserve, additional green spaces between the buildings, organic roof surfaces, reduced and layered buildings heights as well as integration into the park landscape.

Location plot

The site is located in a wetland nature reserve and is close to the CBD area.

Leitidee städtebaulicher Entwurf

The overall planning of the project consists of three functional areas: commercial zone, large indoor and outdoor water park and recreation area with sports facilities. Compared to the dense high-rise buildings in the CBD area nearby, the wetland park creates an ideal retreat for rest and relaxing through the landscape design and harmoniously integrated small-scale buildings.