Design of Public Indoor Pool Center

Friedrichshafen, DE

  • Site area: 18.000 m²
  • Floor space: 10.300 m²
  • Built space: 40.300 m³
  • Water area indoor: 1.250 m²
  • Water area outdoor: 150 m²
  • Outdoor space: 1.600 m²
  • Units: Sport Pool Zone, Leisure Pool Zone, Wellness Zone, Interior Gardens, Outdoor Sport Zone, Car Park and Public Space

Initial situation – particular feature

The rebuilding of the sports park is intended to act as a prelude to the core city. An architecture with a strong exterior as a counterweight to the opposing rather commercial architecture of the Lake Constance shopping center is desirable.

Location plot

  • Flat, slightly inclined terrain
  • Commercial and sports uses in neighborhood

Design idea

The integration and design of the new indoor swimming pool as the last building block of the sports park is linked to the urban space and creates new connections and recreational areas via traffic-free outdoor areas. Due to its dominant and accentuated readable language, the new leisure pool is clear in the urban context. The large building volume of the indoor pool complex is resolved by the large-format and homogenous outer skin perforations and is replaced by an all-encompassing uniform material with strong day and night effect.