Recreation and Leisure Complex

Lipetzk, RU

  • Site area: 102.000 m²
  • Floor space: 19.300 m²
  • Units: Hotel/Outdoor Pools, Holiday Homes, Restaurants, Sports Center/Indoor Pool, Lake Side Marina, Private Villas and Private Pools, Beach Clubs and Outdoor Pools, Open-Air Theatre, Surf & Sailing School, Parking Areas

Initial situation – particular feature

LLipetzk City is the capital of the Lipetzk region, a major administrative, industrial and cultural center with over 500,000 inhabitants.

The recreation area should be able to provide a holiday that is independent of the weather, with all-year facilities, and can be used for any age group or social group.

Location plot

  • Recreation area adjacent to the lake
  • Forest property with lake access
  • 20 km from the town of Lipetzk

Design idea

The Masterplan zones the property into different areas of use in order to attract as broad a public as possible. The design aims to place the natural conditions with forest, lake shore and light levels with adapted outdoor and indoor uses.

  • beach houses
  • Hotel with thermal pool and health club
  • Apartments (adventure nights, eg house boat, tree house, hunting lodge, etc.)
  • Lake and forest stage
  • Sailing and surfing school
  • modern marina / seaport with various shops and a yacht club with café