Leisure Aquatic Center

Oberstaufen, DE

  • Construction time: 18 months
  • Built space: 42.500 m³
  • Water area indoor: 1.000 m²
  • Water area outdoor: 250 m²
  • Outdoor space: 3.000 m²

Initial situation – particular feature

In order to enable optimal economic efficiency of the operation, the different target groups with their seemingly contradictory interests had to be considered. It was therefore necessary to develop a space program in which guests looking for recreation and health oriented feel just as comfortable as more sports- and experience-oriented visitors.

Location plot

Due to the boiler layer of the bath, it was not possible to plan it in the area. In the north adjacent to the land directly to a residential development, in the south to the railway line. This required a concentration of the plant, which led to an unusual solution.

Design idea

When designing the water landscape and all the surrounding elements, care had to be taken to ensure that every bather could find his / her own individual wishes and realize them without being disturbed by the competing needs of other guests.