Addition to Aquatic Center

Nesselwang, DE

  • Floor space: 2.000 m²
  • Built space: 8000 m³
  • Water area indoor: 250 m²

Initial situation – particular feature

The new family adventure pool was intended to serve as a new building block for upgrading the infrastructural and tourist situation. Visitors in the regional catchment served as visitor potential.

Location plot

Innerlocation park property. Within walking distance of the town center reachable. In the immediate vicinity and overlooking the "Allgäu Alps".

Design idea

Family adventure pool was designed with a high quality and varied range of services. A versatile indoor and outdoor sauna offer should serve rest and relaxation seeking visitors. The large lake sauna with panoramic glazing forms a "highlight" of the outdoor sauna area. Here, the sauna guests have a fantastic view of the Alpspitze and the natural bathing lake. A private sports swimming pool was added for school and club sports and for sports enthusiasts. A wild water river with different flow velocities specially developed for the adventure pool was developed as a water attraction for young and old.