Leisure Aquatic Center

Deggendorf, DE

  • Construction time: 18 months
  • Built space: 44.000 m³
  • Water area indoor: 870 m²
  • Water area outdoor: 1.300 m²

Initial situation

Fun and health for the whole family. A complete package of networked use of all areas with transparency for visitors and operator.

Location plot

A very important location quality of the bath is its scenic location on the southern edge of the Natternberg with its charming visual references especially to the nearby Natternberg and the Bavarian Forest as a background backdrop.

Design idea

Not to hide the qualities of the landscape, but to bring it into the bathing area and to merge with it, combined with a consistent open attitude of the visual references is therefore a decisive design feature of the bathing facility. The elliptically shaped central area of the indoor pool brings in a slight rotation to the "strip axis" a balanced field of tension to the basic structure of the building.