Beach Resort Golden Bay

Qinhuangdao, CN

  • Site area: 38.000 m²
  • Floor space: 6.585 m²
  • Built space: 30.051 m³
  • Water area outdoor: 170 m²
  • Outdoor space: 8.807 m²
  • Units: Beach House, Reception Center, Beach Bar, Sauna Room, Hotel Bungalows, Beach Club, Promenade, Outdoor spring arena with 1m-3m-5m platform

Initial situation

The operator of the existing water park with about 30,000 visitors at peak times demanded a visionary attraction measures for the entire property to be developed with approx. 80,000 m². A master plan should show the development stages over a period of 6-8 years.

Location plot

  • 1.5 km long prime beach property
  • Dune-like transition from beach to green vegetation
  • Very good water quality

Design idea

The design of the 1 construction section is an ensemble of light, height-graded wooden buildings with approximately 2.8m projecting and interlocking roof formations, which also function as shading elements. The uniform materiality, proportion and color components created a symbiosis with the landscape of the beach and forest. The further construction sections of the Masterplan will follow this design motif. The first stage of the project " beach promenade " with " air cushion " Sprung-Arena was the first part of the entire master plan with beach houses, a well-arranged forest sauna village, holiday homes, tent camp, beach club and marina.